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Supremacy garage doors and Gates, believe that every good garage door repair service, whether it is a simple garage door repair in Forest Hills, Or a complicated Commercial garage door installation in Queens, start from a very basic thing - you need to love your job, and you should always enjoy to help others by providing your service.

Garage Door Repair Queens

When you are looking for a garage door company in Queens NY, you should look for 2 important things: you want a company that hire professional garage doors technicians, and you want a company that use a high quality garage doors parts. Every garage door technician, will tell you that a good garage door job start from the installation. But at the same time, no matter how good and experienced the garage door technician is, if he does not use the best garage door parts for the installation, it is only a matter of time before the door will stop working. On the other hand, if the technician uses the best garage doors parts, but he is not professional and experienced enough, again, the door won’t last.

We always try to offer both things: Our technicians are trained and experienced, and we only use high quality garage door parts, which we carry in our tracks, in order to provide you with a quick garage door repair in Queens New York, that will get your garage door working again ASAP.

The goal of supremacy garage doors, is to always provide our customers with those 2 important things: We always use professional technicians, and we only use the best garage doors parts that in the market today. So if you are looking for a good and reliable garage door company in Queens NY, supremacy garage doors and gates is what you should be looking for.


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Rolling gate
Rolling Gate Queens New York

Rolling Gates can come in endless variations of color and design, and can serve different purposes. Whether it is a decorative residential gate, or a massive and strong roll up gate, we are the answer for all your gates service in Queens. We know that when it comes to roll up gate, you might need the repair service at unconventional time and places. That is why we offer all our customers in Queens a 24/7 emergency gate repair service.
Every gate that was correctly built, and that was installed by a professional gate contractor, and that get a maintenance service at least every 6 months, can work in a perfect way for years. A broken gate that need to be fixed, is something that can cost you a lot of time and money. If you think that your gate may have a problem, or if your gate does not work smoothly, please contact us, and one of our customer service representative will be happy to help you, and to share the knowledge we acquire during years in the gates repair service in Queens.

It is important to warn you, that a gate that need a repair, or a gate that does not work in a perfect way, can be a dangerous to you or to the people who use the gate. That is why we highly recommend, that a gate, whether it is a roll up gate in Astoria, or a rolling gate in Forest Hills, that do not work perfectly, should not be used at all, until someone professional will come and inspect it.

Rolling Gate Repair

Besides rolling gate repair in Queens, we also offer same day roll up gate maintenance, to make sure that your gate is safe for use, and to make sure it will continue to work for many years. For roll up gate repair or maintenance, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.


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Garage doors
Garage Door Repair Queens New York

Every good garage door repair, no matter if it is a garage door repair in Forest Hills, or a garage door repair Brooklyn New York, start from one basic thing: understanding the problem, and the cause for it. We, at Supremacy garage doors and gates, will always give 100% to every garage door repair job we accept, simple or complex. From residential garage door that need to be fixed, to a commercial garage door that need to be replaced, you can be sure that when you choose Supremacy Garage Doors to perform the project, you are choosing one of the leading garage doors companies in Queens.

Same Day Repair

We know that facing a garage door that need to be fix can be an unpleasant experience. And in order to provide a quick service, we are committed to a same day garage door repair service. Our reputation is built from hundreds of satisfied customers, that needed our service in the past, and now they know that no matter where or when, we will always be there for them. Whether it is a broken spring, or a garage door opener that need a repair, we are the address.

Garage Door Repair

Each one of our garage doors technicians is licensed and experienced, and performed hundreds of garage doors repair service in Queens NY. They will never leave an unsatisfied customer behind, and will always give everything to preserve our reputation of serving our customers anytime anywhere and with a lot of love to the garage doors field, and to the idea of helping people.

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Emergency Service

There is never a good timing for an overhead garage door or a rolling gate to get stuck and stop working. From broken garage door spring, to roll up gate motor issue, to poor or lack of maintenance, every Overhead door can stop working. If you can’t open your store in the morning, since your roll up gate is stuck, or if your garage door motor refuse to lift or lower the garage door, you should consider contact Supremacy Garage Doors and Gates, and use our same day Overhead door and rolling gate service in Queens.

Quick Repair Service

Since we want to provide you with a quick service, that will get your garage door working again today, we carry in our service tracks all the parts and the tools which are needed in order to complete the repair on the spot, and get your garage door working again ASAP.

New Garage Door

We carry garage doors and parts from leading garage door brands in Queens. We believe that when you work with high quality, you receive high quality results. If you are interested in new garage door installation or just to replace the existing garage door, contact us, and make an appointment with one of our customer service representative.


Our garage door service in Queens Include:

  1. Same day garage door repair.
  2. New garage door installation.
  3. Garage door motor repair.
  4. Overhead door repair.
  5. Roll up gate service.
  6. Fix rolling gates.
  7. Garage door maintenance.


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I was very impressed by the garage door service from Supremacy garage doors. I have rarely seen such a quick response to my call. Their technician actually came to my house after 25 minutes, and fixed the broken garage door. I am glad I made this the call to them.If you are looking for a great garage doors repair company in Queens, you have found the guy right here...–Ben, Forest Hills Queens

Thanks again for helping me. I cant explain how much. If not Johnny i could of find myself sleeping in my hardware store the whole night, since i couldnt close my roll up gate. Johnny came at midnight, helped me to close my store, and came back the next day at 7 AM to finish the job. Thanks! –Pedro From Astoria Queens

An amazing job on my automated garage door! I was pleasantly surprised how quick and efficient they were. The technician was super nice too. I highly recommend them and will use them again.Katie, Corona Queens